Hot! Driving Into Prosperity

You are strapped for cash and trying to think of creative financing to accumulate the much needed currency. Well, if you own an automobile you have a few options in obtaining that windfall profit, especially if wanting to unload the auto for good.

The obvious solution in selling a car is taking it to a dealer, preferably a used-car dealership where they offer less than market value, but it is a sure bet if the car is in decent shape. Next is the title-loan business where you take out a loan using the title of the car as collateral; if you intend to relinquish the car anyway, the title is of no consequence.

Another option is selling the car to a scrap metal business where the monetary amount given is dependent on the salvageable metal content. By no stretch of the imagination will this make you wealthy. An option overlooked is selling your car to a friend or family member if you can look them in the eye afterwards.

In the high-tech environment of today, posting the car on the Internet is always an option, but the turnaround may be a bit sluggish, unless the car is the bomb and sells the first day. Selling the car to a business that relies on their use like couriers or delivery services is a thought. You may consider selling the vehicle to a local church, or a member thereof, or someone new to the community in need of dependable transportation.

Unfortunately there are not as many avenues of approach in selling a car as first believed. Most people own a car or two and have no need for a third. This dilemma could strangle the life from the quick-cash mentality. Aside from the obvious choices, selling an automobile is tantamount to buying one and the procedure of assuring that the right choice is made during the selection process. So in closing, this brain-storming for selling a car ends with the adage told me years ago, it is far easier to walk in the sand than to run in it. Meaning, if you sell your car you will be on foot.

This has been a guest post from Are You Selling, an Aussie car valuations company that can offer cash for cars.